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Sunday, October 28, 2001
Hey look at me I am finally over at Steph's place instead of her being over at mine. We are planning on staying up to go get breakfast over at the DC. Only 45 more minutes. hehe. However because of that stupid daylight savings thing we are actually staying up a hour more than we are used to. Right now it is 6:30, but our bodies are saying 7:30. So technically we are going to beat "pirate" Chis, since he stayed up till 8:30.....ah nevermind. This is just aimless babble, that is going nowhere fast. That brisk morning walk did wake me up however, so I think I should be good for a couple more hours. We were at my place when suddenly Steph says, you want to go to my place, I want to change, cuz she felt "icky" (i think she said that in her blog.) Stupid ergonomic keyboard with its key arrangement. Oh well, it is almost time to go back to my place for some breakfast.....excellent. Oh yeah, I am finally catching up to Chris and his downloads. I think I downloaded about 100 songs today (or was it yesterday). I am up to 230 now. That is a butt load of songs. Dont worry dad, they dont take up that much room on the computer. In fact Tamo has over 90 hours of music on his computer. That is more than a butt load thats a.....well I dont know exactly what it is, but it is an enourmous amount. Hahaha, steph is trying to set her clock, it is quite funny. She had to go all the way around to get to the time that she wanted. Ok, now for sure it is time to go....I think....yeah it is time.