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Thursday, September 20, 2001
Well today was the day in which I left my brothers, my cousins, my aunts, uncles, and grand parents. I will not be seeing them till Christmas break. I will admit it was not really hard to leave everyone except my brothers. For some reason when we were all standing there saying our good byes I did not really want to leave them. I guess those little brats do grow on yah, even if they do piss me off all the time. But enough of that, I dont want to think about that now. I have less depressing things to think about. Like that fact that I am going to get to take my TV up to Davis, aaaahhhhhh TV I love to bask in its warm loving glow. I am not taking that measly 13 inch TV anymore since my mom and dad got a good deal on a Ford truck from the rental place. Now I get to take the 27 inch to watch movies and TV on and play Nintendo. My dad said you are going to be carrying it up the stairs, and I said in my head "It will be worth the work."

On a separate note go check out the new Darwin Awards page that I made just yesterday. If you are in to humor, then you have to check out this page.