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Friday, September 07, 2001
Today was a great day in the life of James. Not only did I find out that my roommate likes Metallica and that type of music, I found out that the kitchen in my apartment/dorm comes with a fridge, so I dont have to bother renting one. This is turning out really great, I am totally blown away, and cant wait to get up to Davis.

I also burned this cd yesterday, I call it The Fast and the Furious. Here is the list of songs:

Fear Factory: Shock, One Step Closer, Replica
Metallica: Dyers Eve, Damage Inc, So What
Slipknot: Surfacing, People=Shit, Get This, End Everything
System of a Down: Suite Pee, Needles, X
Static X: Push It, Get to the Gone
Rammstein: Weibes Fleisch
Disturbed: Voices
Non-Point: Victim (demo version)
Wrecked: Take That Shit Elsewhere (demo version)
Puya: Oaisis

Mind you these are in no particular order here. The cd is 21 tracks and 75 minutes long, the most perfect cd of its time. (**tear comes to eye**)