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Monday, September 10, 2001
Today was a great day, I got my credit card and the PIN for my check card. I bought my mario kart for my GBA (with my minor hookups).

On a lesser note I have been talking to my real friends, thier names will be omitted for security reasons. But they have been telling me that one of my other "friends" has been bad mouthing me behind my back. This kinda pisses me off, but I use the word kinda because I find that ignoring the two faced person that is doing it more effective. I am not going to mention the name of the person who is bad mouthing me behind my back, because I am not going go to their level. (I know that phrase sounds cheezy, but in this case it is true.) If this person continues to bad mouth me I am affraid I am going to have to exile this person from my life for a few years until he or she learns to appreciate my friendship. YOU NEVER BAD MOUTH FRIENDS BEHIND THEIR BACK! I HOPE THAT HE OR SHE REALIZES THIS BEFORE HE OR SHE LOOSES YET ANOTHER FRIEND.

Sorry, had to get that out, cuz this is the second offense for this certain two faced person.