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Thursday, September 06, 2001
Today was a crappy day. The stupid yards that normally take me an hour and a half to mow today took me three hours. The first thing that was wrong was that the yard was too wet (to my dad- yes I did turn off the sprinklers). Because of this the intake (where the grass goes into the bag) kept getting clogged. So every time the lawn mower stopped picking up grass I had to turn it off, stick my arm down the grass intake and pull out all this wet grass. The backyard of my house was no better. I had to mow it twice (three times technically, since I could not make a full cut). Once on the highest level, then the next time on the normal level, then even the backyard was wet. Piss me off. It took me two hours to mow my front and back yard when it would normally take 45 min. Then after this ordeal I still had to mow my neighbors front and back. Luckily by then the intense heat had already burned off the condensation on the grass, unluckily the freaken sun was out and it was getting hot. It only took me 45 min. to do my neighbors yard, and I was done for the day. The one thing that really gets to me though, is that my brother, Andy, is supposed to be mowing the yard now since I am leaving soon. This was decided like at least 2 months ago and he has only mowed it twice since the rest of the time it was me. Oh well, he is not going to be my problem when I leave.