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Monday, September 03, 2001
Today is officially the end of summer for my brothers, hahahahaha. I still got a while till I start college. While I am looking forward to it part of me wishes it will not come. You know that voice in the back of your head that yells S**T, your going off to college, and you are going to be on you own, you dumb ass. Oh well, this summer was a fairly average summer, with the exception of the fun concert, and the weeks of shopping for my college crap (boy was that a pain). Hopefully I will get my dorm info very soon so I can see where the hell I am going to be and who the hell I am going to be rooming with. Steph has already gotten hers, so I am hopeful.

I finally have a checking account now. It is a student one that is free since my parents bank at Wells Fargo. I cant wait till I get my check card so I can use it up at Davis. The first thing will probably be my Gamecube which comes out in November, yet another reason why I want time to hurry the hell up.

I bought a scanner for my new comp. It was the display so I got it for 70 bucks. It is a great scanner with 1200 dpi. I had to go out and buy a USB hub for my damn comp. Cost 20 bucks, I have so much USB crap going into my comp that I had no choice in the matter. Oh well, I have to finish work on my site, I will now terminate transmission in 5...4....3....2....1.....