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Thursday, September 20, 2001
To all the people out there who read my blogs: I know I posted the same message twice, I cant delete it off of my page for some reason, and I am too lazy to try and find out how. Yes I did delete it off of my posts, but yet it still remains on my site. However, if you look closely the two blogs are not exactly alike. If you are wondering why I posted the same basic is because I click the button one to many times. At first I thought I did not click it, so then I clicked it again, but it turns out I did click it. Ahhhh never mind. I dont have to justify my actions to you people, I am James Alexander Krause dammit, future ruler of the world. So all of you that know me you better be nice, unless you want to be shipped off to the prison island of Madagascar. However, if you are nice, you may get the country of your choice. Some are already taken so you will have to talk to me to see which ones are still vaccant. But anyways, I digress. What was I talking about again, oh well it does not matter.