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Tuesday, September 11, 2001
Normally I am a very funny and cheery person, but there was nothing humorous whatsoever about the events that took place today. I was highly offended by the events that took place earlier this morning. Never have I felt such extreme hatred towards a person or persons I have never met. I would not piss on who ever did this even if they were on fire. This is display of cowardice and malice will not be stood for by the United States of America. If Bush is half the president I hope he is, he will hunt down the pieces of shit that did this and kill those stupid MotherF**Kers. This just extremly pisses me off and I had to vent. Damn the people who did this! Ever since I witnessed the airplane hit one of the Towers on TV this rage inside has been building. Then they have the gaul to hit the pentagon, our military center. This is a slap in the face of the United States and should not be stood for. I could not wait to get online and vent a little. The US flag in front of my house is at half mast as I wish the best for the victims and thier friends and family. If it is war that these pieces of shit want then that is what the United States should give them. Several countries were quick to say that they had no part in this because they know what is coming, unfortunately there is always shit for brain people that dont understand what the hell they are doing.

I feel a bit better know, sorry for the rambling above, I just hope that everyone agrees with me. Terrorists may try and destroy our buildings and helpless people, but they can never take away what the United States stands for....FREEDOM and POWER.