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Tuesday, September 25, 2001
As I was looking and talking to people today, I began to wonder "how the hell did you get into this college". I mean I worked moderately hard during school and I worked my ass of on the appeal to get into the school and yet there are people here that seemingly have the brains of a peanut. I know I am not the smartest, but these people are really stupid or they dont seem to have that attitude that you should have in college. You know the want to learn. I know college is supposed to be fun, but your parents are not paying for your education so you can come to college and party all of the time. They want to get their monies worth, just as I do with the dorms, which is why I run the AC 24-7 and I dont worry about turning off the lights when I leave the room. But that is off the topic. I guess what I am trying to say is I think that some people in this college as well as many other colleges dont deserve to be where they are at. There are many people out there that should be in here that are not. Oh well, I cant change big things like that, but this is my life and thoughts, so that is what I am giving you.