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Tuesday, August 21, 2001
Yesterday we went out shopping for school stuff like I said. I managed to find a nice pair of Harley Davidson boots, they are sweet. I also found a duster (like a trenchcoat) which should keep me dry and warm during the rain up at Davis. I bought the Ozzfest 2001 cd so look for that to pop up in my cd reviews section, but that was the only thing we got at Best Buy, the comp. is going to have to wait, the one that we want is not on sale.

Today we also went shopping for school stuff. All we bought was shoes for the upcoming school year, I did not think I really needed a new pair, but my dad insisted. We managed to find everyone shoes in one store which was good since the store had a buy 2 pairs get the third one free sale going on. I also found this cool Rob Zombie action figure for 5 bucks, and I could not pass that up.