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Monday, August 20, 2001
This was a pretty good weekend. My aunt threw me a going off to college party. This was great on two accounts, I got a going away party, and since it is very close to my birthday, guess what I got at the going away party... if you said birthday presents you are not far off. What I got was birthday money, which is in no way related to presents.

My mom and dad are on vacation for the next two weeks, which is fine, but it cuts into my income. We get to do what we do every year at around this time now, thats right go shopping for school crap. You know what I am talking about, shoes, pants, shirts, paper, color pencils, and so on. But the big thing I am looking forward to is the shopping for my new comp. The purchase should take place any time now, and even better I get to go to Best Buy, the happiest place on earth... or is that Disneyland, anyways I love Best Buy, I could spend hours in there.