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Sunday, August 12, 2001
I have some thing to say that I thought I would never say, and that is I have actually purchased a couple Limp Bizkit cd's (the two newest ones). I am sorry for this, but one thing I have to admit they do have some catchy songs on them. I could not help it because it has been so long since a good hard rock or metal cd has come out, I had to do it. Anyway, I just felt like that needed to be said.

Other than that this weekend has been pretty much boring. My pile of stuff for the dorm is slowly growing in size, which includes my rice cooker which I did not know could cook other things besides rice. (Man, a rice cooker, how asian is that?) I am getting more excited now, not only for college, but also for my birthday because after all it is a milestone of a birthday. 18, wow that sounds kinda old for some reason. It is like 4:59 AM is a lot earlier than 5:00 AM for some strange reason. Oh well, this birds gotta fly.