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Tuesday, July 03, 2001
This weekend was pretty sweet because my friend Charley came out to my house for the weekend. It was cool because we got to go to Castle Park (it is kinda like Golf Land, only with rides or Camelot which is similar to Castle Park). Charley and I combined our tickets after each of us spent five bucks and we had almost 1000 tickets. We did not think we had even close to that amount. Most of them came from when Charley hit the jackpot on one machine and from when this machine kept on giving me 50 tickets instead of three. It was cool, we cashed them in for a couple waterguns and some other pidley crap. The rest of the weekend however was devoted to video game playing which was cool, because Charley actually gives me a challenge in Smash Brothers.

On a separate note I have been reading up on the new gaming systems that are coming out and I cant wait. Gamecube looks like it is going to be sweet, and the added competition will only drive PS2, Nintendo, and Microsoft, to make some kick ass games. Dammit November 5, why dont you hurry up and get here.