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Sunday, July 15, 2001
It has been a while since I put something in here, mainly because I have not really been doing anything exciting. I have been working at Garfield Medical Center with my mom, but now I am done. I should earn about $285. I was going to use it to buy my Gamecube and GBA, but I dont know now. My mom and dad are nagging me to save it for school, when they told me I could use it for the Gamecube. We will see, I am going to have a lot of money at the end of summer, so they will not have to worry about me and some sort of allowance when I go to school.

I got my report card and my AP scores yesterday, what a one, two punch. I did not pass any of my tests which REALLY PISSED ME OFF. (I got 2's on everything) I felt that I should have passed at least the English one. Then Savin gave me a "C", that bum; I have no clue why my grade was so low. (Four "A's", 2 "C's") My parents calmed me down, saying as long as you did not get any "D's", after all you are already in college. I was still pissed off, but it calmed me down a little.