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Monday, June 04, 2001
I wrote a journal yesterday, but it appears as if it did not get published; oh well cant win them all. Since I dont feel like revisiting that horrible Sunday I will talk about the horrible Monday.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances on Sunday I was not able to find any of my tests or homework for Blankenhorns portfolio, perhaps they were accidently thrown away, who is to say, but anyways becasue of this I figured that today would be especially miserable. I proved myself to be correct. One thing that went unexpectedly bad was my physics homework, I was going to do it this morning, but to my horror I forgot to write down the assignment, STUPID MONDAYS. Why can't school end any sooner, this stupid senioritis is really setting in now and I can barely get myself to lift a pencil or pen to do homework. Damn what is going on with me, my laziness has increased by 100%, and that is reallllllllly lazy. I am glad this is a four day week, I dont know if I can survive a full one. I bid you, the reader, farewell, and always remember take it easy, and if it is easy take it twice.