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Thursday, June 14, 2001
I went to the Dodger game yesterday, and it was very sweet. Mike invited me sixth period to go with him, Kyle, his sister, and his cousin. I was cool because we sat right next to the right field foul pole and were able to insult Ruben Sierra and all of the Ranger relief pitchers coming out of the bullpen. It was especially fun since the Dodgers won, which usually does not happen when I go to a game.

Today was yet another boring day that sucked the big chorizo. We are not doing anything in any class anymore, not that I would do work if it presented itself. However, on the upside I got to argue my court case (Texas v. Johnson). Miguel and I had argumentive ownage, in fact we were the only two people that really talked (Dreaa did not say shit). I believe we were able to answer all of the justices questions without delay, we even were able to get the justices quiet for a minute or so; it is usually the justices that do that. Miguel and I established the clear and present danger doctrine, and then Betsy (the opposing side) proceeded to agree with it in her argument, which proves the flag burning law constitutional. I love to argue, especially a good argument with educated people. I hope we win, this one is for the United States flag on its day, flag day.