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Friday, June 22, 2001
I have not been home in a week, man does that suck. I had to go to those ethnic nights for Kim (my government teacher), they were pretty good. I kinda sucked though that they were so close to graduation.

I graduated from high school yesterday, it made me feel good when my english teacher announced James Alexander Krause, with highest honors. I also felt special when I got that Golden State Diploma, since only 22 people out of 600 got it.

I am looking foreward to summer some what. I am tired of hearing this "James is so lazy" BULL S**T. It is really beginning to piss me off. I keep on telling everyone that if I lived closer to school I would get a job, but it does not seem to penetrate the thick skulls of many, including my parents. I mean who does not enjoy some spending money. So I am going to get a job this summer, all in the name of college.

I am already looking foreward to college, so I can get out of my house and explore things on my own. The only problem is that my mom as well as my grandma's are not willing to admit that I have grown up. Oh well, maybe they will realize it when I am not there anymore. My brothers are also beginning to annoy me in an ever increasing increment that would drive most people to insanity by now.

Oh well, I am being bitched at in stereo now, (something I get to avoid in college, thank god) and I gotta go.