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Sunday, June 24, 2001
I had my graduation party today, and it was pretty cool (sorry to my friends, but it was a family occasion). I finally got to talk to my cousins in person, which I have not done in a while. There was a butt load of pictures, hugs, and hand shakes; but that was fine. I got some graduation money, but all of that is going to my UCD fund to buy crap, like my new computer.

Yesterday was fun as I did nothing but kick back the whole day. The neighbors actually congregated and we talked for a while. In the end about half of all the family members ended up in the pool for a late night swim (I was not one of them, but my brothers were). We ended up staying out, talking by the pool until about 11:30 PM, it was a blast. I was shocked that the old people in the neighborhood did not call the cops on us. (Those bastard old people, take away my baseballs, but that is another story.)