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Congofeet: Your Official Anti-Cuteist Site


This site was established on May 27, 2001.

Welcome to my web site number:

I have made this site because everyone else had one and I was bored. If you have any objections to this site or any of its contents you may leave at any time, it is not hard.

Although I will try to update often I make no promises because I am busy with school as well as other aspects of my life; besides I am lazy.

Whats New In the Site:

Hey I can do html on my site now thanks to tripod...which means I can do some zany stuff now...but I am I dunno.

Yeah I am still alive, I know I have not updated my site in recent memory, but whatcha gonna do. I said I wont update it all the time. Anyway, new simpsons trivia and a new link in my links section...go check it out.

On a separate note, since I have stopped playing CS for a while, I think that I will be updating my site more, but I think I will try using some if my site starts looking like crap...well even more so, you know why.

I actually did 3 new cd reviews, Breaking Point, Puddle of Mudd, and Slipknot. Yeah I know it is about time, but as the fortune cookie says, better late than never.

I just had the sudden urge to update my site...I think I will fully update it this look forward to new cd reviews, new updated stuff section, and maybe even a new look...I have not decided yet...just something to think about.

12/3/01-Sorry about the lack of updates on my site...heh, I am lazy...besides it says that in the disclaimer just above this entry that I may not update every week or every month for that matter. If you want me to update my facts and stuff e mail me and I can see who actually reads this stuff.

I have been having some problems with editing my site, but it is working right now so I did some updating.

Too lazy to update my site this week. However the Yankee's did loose the world series, and I am happy.

Yankees Lost the World Series, YEAH!

(thanks for the pic steph)

10/28/01- After a one week break, I have updated my site. Due to popular demand, everything has been updated, from quotes to yes even Simpsons Trivia.

Updated site which includes darwin awards and the stuff section. And yes AMANDA I gave the answer to the riddle.

Updated stuff section, darwin awards, and simpsons trivia. Have fun and go look around. I dont know when I will have any new cd reviews, i have no had as much spare time in college as I have had at home.

After a week off I have finally updated my site. Updated Stuff section as well as a new Simpsons trivia question as well as new Darwin Awards. Go take a peek and have fun.

9/25/01-Sorry, no updates this week, check back next week for updates.

I have expanded my site once again. This time I have made a Darwin Awards page. If you are wondering what the Darwin Awards are you must check out my page, there are very funny. Click on the link below to check it out.

Darwin Awards

In commiting these horrible acts, these terrorist have chosen war, and as the past has shown, those who choose war against the United States have chosen thier own demise.  -James A. Krause

Most of the stuff section revolves around the events that have taken place. Please e-mail me your opinions about what has taken place as I am making a sort of report for the future, I could even send you a copy if you wish, when I look back on these events.

This is my first day with my site, and I don't know what I am doing so bear with me.

Click here for verbal tour of this page

This is not cute, at all

Enter a City or US Zip:

I decided to put Davis since I am going to go there later this year, and I would probably be to lazy to change it then.

Inverted Piccolo Pic.

Regular Piccolo Pic.

The bottom picture of Piccolo is the original, the top one is inverted (all the white became black/ black became white). Thanks Steph for drawing me the Piccolo, it is great.

This is actually a picture of a squid

I love this picture. It is just so haunting

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